DUFF Ballot 2010 — North America to Australasia

DUFF RooResults are here (PDF).

This is the electronic version of the ballot. It was produced by Jean Weber. You can vote online using the form at the end of this page, or you can print a copy of the ballot by downloading the PDF. The PDF can also be filled in on a computer and then saved and printed or emailed.

The deadline for voting is March 31, 2010 at 11:59:59PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time on the US East Coast).

Since 1972 the Down Under Fan Fund, a fan-supported fellowship, has encouraged closer ties between Australasian and North American Science Fiction fans through the alternating exchange of representatives. DUFF delegates will time their travels to allow them to attend the World Science Fiction Convention or the national convention in the destination country and visit fans they would not have a chance to meet otherwise. The newly elected delegate will be responsible for raising funds, establishing a bank account, keeping a record of the funds accumulated and administering DUFF until a new delegate is elected from their continent. The new delegate is also expected to publish a trip report, copies of which can be sold to add to the fund.

Voting: DUFF uses the preferential balloting system to insure an automatic runoff and a majority of vote for one candidate. The voter ranks the candidates on order of preference. If there is no majority for one of the candidates after the first count of votes, the first place votes for the lowest ranked candidate will be dropped, and the second place votes on those ballots will be assigned to the candidates so named. This goes on until one candidate has a majority of votes. When more than two candidates are running, it is important (but not required) to vote for your second, third, etc. choices especially if you choose to write in a candidate.

Ballots must be signed by the voter and accompanied by a minimum donation of $5USD, $6AUD or $7NZD. Any contributions or donations in excess of the minimum voting fee will be gratefully accepted. Checks should be made out to Steve or Sue Francis (in North America) or DUFF (in Australia or New Zealand) in the administrator’s home currency. The voting period will run from early February and end on March 31, 2010. On-line votes may be cast, and voting fees may be paid by Paypal, further down on this page.

Eligibility to vote: Anyone may vote who has been active in fandom on or before January 1, 2009. “Active in fandom” is defined as being involved in fannish pursuits such as fanzine writing or reading, convention running or attending, amateur film or video production and/or club participation. Only natural persons may vote and may vote only once. A PDF version of this ballot is available here.

Candidates: Each candidate will require two nominating fans from Australia or New Zealand, and three from North America. A written platform of 100 words or less, describing the candidates qualifications and reasons for running for DUFF will be provided by each candidate and a promise (barring Acts of God) that he or she will attend the World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Melbourne Victoria, Australia on September 2 through 6, 2010, and to serve as administrator of the fund until the next North American delegate is elected. A candidate entry fee of $25USD will be assessed and added to the fund. The next Southbound delegate election will be conducted by the 2010 DUFF winner.

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Jeffrey Boman   Montreal, PQ Canada

I am involved in several aspects of fandom: I was part of the concom for Con*Cept, Montreal, Canada’s SF convention from 1993 to 1999. Our 1997 convention won the Prix Aurora. Currently, I’m a fanzine editor and publisher, having 20 years of APA-zine publishing under my belt. My fanzine (The Original Universe) won a 2009 Prix Aurora in the Fan Experience (Fanzine) category. I’m also a regular letterhack for 5 zines, and a published RPG author. Canada is the host for the 2010 Winter Olympics. A Canadian DUFF delegate this year would be greatly symbolic.

Nominators: Australasia: Cath Ortlieb, LynC; North America: Chris Garcia, Yvonne Penney and Cathy Palmer-Lister.

Terry Fong   Montreal, PQ Canada and Jannie Shea   Tulsa, OK USA

From the team that brought Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman to Worldcon, a DUFF bid of global proportions! Twice the coverage! Long-time fans, each in fandom almost 30 years (ghods!). Canadian. Southerner. Readers. Geeks. Conrunners (sshhhhhhh!!!!!) Officers of various SF/F groups. Always happy to help. (Just ask!) Registration. Treasury. Publications. Logistics. Art Show. Programming. Events. ASFA. Cat-herding. Almost done it all. We've worked conventions on 3 continents, with wide organizational experience in the international arena and non-profits, from under 100 to 5,000+ memberships. We desperately want to extend our minion fan networks into Australasia. Y'all vote for us, eh.

Nominators: Australasia: John Maizels, Shaun Tan; North America: Ian Stockdale, Todd and Joni Dashoff and René Walling.

John Hertz   Los Angeles, CA USA

By little short of a miracle, there will indeed be South Gate (or Southgate) again in 2010, namely Aussiecon 4, as I reported with awe in File 770 153. Being a Rick Sneary fan (with June & Len Moffatt, I co-edited his memorial zine Button-Tack), I’d love to attend. I’d love to see people I know from fanzines, and anyone else within reach. Are the local wines and beers better than what’s shipped to the U.S.? I ate nattô in Japan, am I up to Vegemite? Will you help me find out?

Nominators: Australasia: Robin Johnson, Janice Gelb; North America: Peggy Rae Sapienza, Mike Glyer and Randy Byers.

Melanie Herz   Palm Bay, FL USA

After being in fandom for over 30 years (yes, it has been that long), attending and working conventions, mostly as the Volunteer Coordinator, I thought I’d try for the coveted role of being your DUFF Delegate. When the idea came up at Denvention 3 that I might actually be able to qualify, the thought was mind boggling. Me??? I am just your ordinary fan who likes to work conventions, meet new people and enjoy traveling. So, with the encouragement of friends (who are active fans), I am now entering my name officially into nomination. I promise to give you a travel itinerary (in-depth), and to work hard and promote DUFF for my term.

Nominators: Australasia: Julian Warner, Alan Stewart; North America: Elaine Brennan, Pat and Roger Sims and Jim Mann.

John Purcell   College Station, TX USA

Why DUFF? Well, I’ve been knocking around about fandom since first encountering it in 1973 at Minicon #7 (Minneapolis 1n ’73!), attending conventions, and publishing fanzines since the mid-1970’s on through the 1980’s (This House, Ennul, Bangweulu). My current zine is the e-zine Askance, hosted at efanzines.com (Bill Burns is my hero). Besides attending many cons, I’ve worked on them, too (I’m a sucker for a free bheer). Also… Oh heck with it. My real reason for standing for DUFF is to prove once and for all to Janine Stinson that I DO NOT look like Kim Stanley Robinson.

Nominators: Australasia: Bruce Gillespie, Bill Wright; North America: Arnie and Joyce Katz, Guy H Lillian III and Lloyd Penney.

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DUFF 2010 Electronic Ballot

Voting deadline is March 31, 2010 at 11:59:59PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time on the US East Coast).

Note: This ballot is sent to an email address at one of Jean Weber's domains, from where it is automatically forwarded to the DUFF administrators, without Jean seeing it.

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